Winners 2020

Unfortunately, we were unable to organize a live screening due to COVID19. As a result of which the public awards have expired.

The winners of 2020 are:

Internationaal: On Air, directed by Bastiaan Rook

Nationaal: Every Day You Play, directed by Mathieu Stevens

Documentaire: Harmonya zero waste film, directed by Stanislava Oben

Animatie: The Boy and The Mountain, directed by Santiago Aguilera

Winners 2018

Jury Awards:

Best International Short: Cowboys & Indians

Director: Emilia Ruiz

Country: Spain

Best National Short: Lithuania [Winner of 5.000 euro rental gear at]

Director: Gaspard Audouin

Country: Belgium

Best Animation Short: Chit-Chatter

Director: Aagje Van Damme

Country: Belgium

Best Documentary Short: WATER

Director: Mark Knight

Country: United States

Audience Awards:

Best International Short: To Catch a Fly

Director: Sanne Kortooms

Country: The Netherlands

Best National Short: Change [Winner of 3.500 euro rental gear at]

Director: Tobias Deruwe

Country: Belgium

Best Animation Short: Cuerdas

Director: Pedro Solís García

Country: Spain

Best Documentary Short: Twinkle Power To Change

Director: Aftab Abbasi

Country: Pakistan

Winners: To Catch a Fly

Manou Kersting & Sanne Kortooms